At Hi-Techniques, we have designed versitile data acquisition systems that go beyond expectation for over 30 years. The flexibility of our latest product lines allow you the freedom to gather and analyze data just about anywhere.
Although our data acquisition systems can be used for a wide range of applications, there are three broad categories that encapsulate most of the more popular uses:

Military & Aerospace

Ballistic Research
Propulsion Systems
Pyrotechnic Shock & Vibration
Satellite Testing
Materials Testing
Power Systems
Wind Tunnel Testing
The Hi-Techniques Synergy uses Successive Approximation Register type ADCs in all high-speed channels to provide the necessary data accuracy and reliability for fast-rise or fall signal applications.

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Internal Combustion Analysis
Electric Vehicles/Batteries
Braking Systems
Test Cells
Materials Testing
Ride and Comfort
Race Testing
Military Vehicles
Marine Vehicles
Small Engine Systems
The Hi-Techniques Synergy is designed with numerous features that make it a perfect fit for Internal Combustion Analysis applications.

All Synergy systems come equipped with:
  Tachometer RPM input with 32-bit resolution
  Encoder input for rotational clocking up to 2 MHz (<30,000 RPM at 0.1°)
  Clock multiplication for extremely high angular resolution to 0.01° and beyond
  High-resolution 16-bit A-D converter per channel
  Large capture memory, over 2000 engine cycles at 0.1°
  Volume curve generation for Pressure-Volume displays
  Horizontal Shift to align any number of cylinders
  Over 100 Real-time math measurements
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High Voltage, Power & Energy

Power Analysis
Circuit Breaker Testing
Fuse Testing
Lightning Impulse Analysis
Power Harmonic Analysis
Power Line Faults & Transients
Hi-Techniques has already created several software extensions for specialized applications. Our Power Analyzer package provides single-phase and three-phase power analysis, with true power, apparent power, harmonic analysis and other common measurements.

With isolated input modules up to 1000Vdc and 600Vac, Synergy replaces a data recorder, an oscilloscope and a multi-phase power analyzer in one portable system.
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