Bringing Intelligence to Ruggedized Data Acquisition

The Synergy Qb offers the same Synergy input capabilities in a field rugged product offering IP51 environmental resistance against dust and water. This DC-operated system can acquire standalone to its internal low-power PC with solid state drive, or to an external PC via Ethernet.

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Accomodates 4 input modules

16 input channels @ 2 MS/s each
  • 500 kS/s streaming to disk on all channels
Up to 64 input channels @ 100 kS/s with high density module
Front Panel Start/Stop and Acquisition Status Indicators

9-18 V DC powered. AC adaptor provided

Store data locally or stream to remote PC via GigE Ethernet connection
PC functions such as USB, Monitor, Mouse/Keyboard available through front access panel
IP51 housing is water and dust resistant
Integrated portable Core i3 PC operates completely standalone or connected to external PC or notebook

(Core i7 upgrade available)
Integrated 500GB SSD stores weeks worth of data

(Larger available)